KLS Imagery | About
This website represents a part of a new beginning for me and is a continual work in progress.

My interest in photography started as a child when I would pretend to take pictures with the collar clip at the end of our family's dog leash. I was convinced it sounded just like a shutter when I closed it! From there I progressed to my first Brownie with single use blue flash bulbs (see picture above). My interest continued and I eventually received an Associate of Arts degree in photography. However, circumstances led me down a path that failed to utilize this interest and love until recently. After almost 20 years in the corporate world, my wife and I opened a small business. Unfortunately that business lasted only a year, but as my mother always says, “there is a reason for everything.” I’m not convinced that statement is absolute, but in this case I cannot argue. Without the small business experience, I don’t know that I would have pursued this lost interest or gotten as much support from my wife. Thanks honey!

My initial focus as I reentered the world of photography was to bring myself up to date in terms of technology. So much had changed since I was last productive, but much did not. There will never be a substitute for good composure, proper exposure, good light and a bit of luck.

I have always viewed photography as a most unique form of art. With a camera and lens one captures a split second in time. The world was not the same before the exposure and will never be the same after. Within that split second, the photographer can create something special that can never be replicated. Ever. How cool is that?

My hope is that you enjoy my images at least half as much as I enjoy creating them. The best is yet to come!