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You may need to go to the school's photographer for the yearbook, but you probably want something a bit more personal and unique to share with friends and family. And at a price that won't require you to take out a loan.

My goals for senior portraits are two- fold:

1) Keep it relaxed.
2) Capture the spirit and uniqueness of you!

Your senior year is a major milestone for both you and your family. I would greatly enjoy helping you create something special. With that in mind, we would first discuss any locations you have in mind as well as anything unique to you that you want to incorporate. Play the guitar? Bring it. Skateboard all the time? Let's use it.

My pricing and customer satisfaction philosophy is straight forward and will leave you wondering how some photographers can sleep at night:

* My flat fee is $150 for one and a half hours. All the clothing changes you want and all the locations you want within 20 minutes of Waconia, MN. Want to go someplace farther? Let's talk. I have several locations that work great but am open where you want to go.

* Additional time is $25 per half hour.

* Within a week of the shoot you will have a private gallery to view your retouched pictures. I recommend ordering prints on-line because of the high quality and variety of options. However, you can purchase a high resolution CD for $50. You own the copyrights but I can show case your photos on my site.
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